The Characteristics of Early Stage Cervical Cancer

The Characteristics of Early Stage Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a disease that is very dangerous. Not a few women who have been affected by this disease. Most women do not understand the characteristics of cervical cancer. That is because the understanding of this disease is very less. Most women who are aware of this disease after an advanced stage. Though there are very many common signs that appear when the disease attacks.

The characteristics of Early Stage Cervical Cancer

The characteristics of early stage cervical cancer can be viewed from the pain to the cervix. The pain is really not appeared with the intensity that is not uncommon. But if the disease is getting worse the pain will be keenly felt.

Should you feel the cervix feels better pain quickly went to the doctor because it is one sign of uterine cancer. Pain to the cervix caused by the human papilloma virus that since the start eroding cells and tissues of the cervix. (Read also : obat kanker serviks)

Other characteristics that you will feel the pain during sexual intercourse with her husband. The pain is not as general and tend to be sore. In not a few cases, there were women who bleed during intercourse.

Reply to the outside of the blood is a sign of cervical cancer that severe passable. You have to do that quick action is slow because if you can make because you do not have children who are in the body of the uterus must be removed.

The characteristics of Women Against Cervical Cancer

On the characteristics of cervical cancer for women who have entered the final stage can be seen from the average discharge of the area of ​​femininity. Fluid reply to the outside of the feminine area which has a yellow color and smell less pleasant.

Not a few who feel that there is blood which is mixed in the liquid. You will feel uncomfortable because the liquid will continue to the outside and can continue to grow if not immediately treated. If it has been in the level of chronic doctors who would carry out the operation action.

Surgery must be done because if not done this disease capable of terrorizing the life of the woman. Another action that will be done is with utilizing chemical medicine and herbal medicine. However, drugs that require a long time for recovery.

Let you avoid cervical cancer then you must carry out prevention. There are very many who can you run prevention. One precaution that is able to do is to diligently examine the state of sex organs and the uterus to the doctor. By implemented this way, then if there are characteristics of cervical cancer on the body can be detected directly.

Women also have to consume healthy foods it. Healthy food that can prevent cervical cancer and which foods it does little to contain antioxidants like fruits and and vegetables.